Your personal assistant.

For the perfect start to the day.

Your personal assistant

Smart Mirror – more than just a bathroom mirror. Smart Mirror is an intelligent mirror, a networked mirror, a lighted mirror. Truly a magical mirror. A mirror with sound. A mirror that shows you in your best light. A mirror that allows you to hear what you want to hear. And gives your desired information for the day so that you are prepared for everything. There is no better way to start the day. And there’s no better way to end it in the evening.

Well networked.

Everything you need to know.

Well networked

Smart Mirror – is the networked mirror that gives you access to all your appointments, important business news, weather and traffic reports. A quick glance and you know when to leave and avoid being in a rush. And if you want to know whether the stars are on your side, you can also get your horoscope via Smart Mirror. Or just switch off this function. It’s up to you.

New apps all the time.

There’s always room for a little improvement.

New apps all the time

Smart Mirror is a continuous growing companion. It will constantly offer you new apps and a growing offering of services that makes you a little bit smarter every day. Best of all, as a registered user, you are automatically updated about every new app.

Sound without any visible source.

Equipped with innovative surface loudspeakers.

Sound without any visible source

Smart Mirror plays the radio station you love via an integrated web radio. Four user profiles are available to you that you can personalize. Control your smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to the playlist of your choice. Whatever you do – music is in the air with Smart Mirror with no visible loudspeakers.

Cool light.

Optional: LED lighting at its best.

Cool light

Smart Mirror is also available in models with high quality LEDs. With these models, you can adjust the brightness in five steps and freely choose the colour temperature with a simple touch to match your outfit or simply your mood. Whether you’re getting dressed up for that huge event or getting ready for a business meeting – Smart Mirror shows what you look like under various hues of light.

Clear advantages.

Heated mirror surface.

Clear advantages

With Smart Mirror you will never have a steamed up and unviewable mirror. It makes no difference how long your shower is. You will always enjoy a clear view. The heated mirror surface prevents condensation with its permanent de-mister function. It turns on automatically as soon as you turn on the mirror.

Simply fascinating.

With a visible or an invisible display.

Simply fascinating

You don’t want to constantly see the display? No problem. The Smart Mirror is available both as a Crystal Clear mirror with an almost invisible display when off, or fully invisible as a slightly tinted Magic Mirror where the display doesn’t appear until you switch on the mirror, and only then. And it disappears again when you turn it off. Simply smart, pretty magical.


Simply register and use all functions.


Registering on our user portal enables you to manage all user profiles and apps of Smart Mirror. Simply connect Smart Mirror to Wi-Fi, go to the portal and enter the PIN provided with it, enter the model and country and choose a password. Done.