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Smart Mirror is not just an intelligent mirror. Smart Mirror is a mirror that has more than it takes. Indeed, as much as you want to have. Equip your Smart Mirror with the apps of your choice and make that start to your day even better. You can find them all here. And constantly receive new ones.

Standard Apps


You have all your appointments on the display early in the morning with this app and know whether it is better to leave home wearing casual, business casual or business formal clothes.

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Sunny and hot, sunshine to cloudy or freezing cold – a glance out of the window doesn’t tell you enough? Your weather app is spot on and doesn’t leave you out in the rain when it comes to clothing.

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The stars do not lie. You just need to be able to read your star sign properly. Your horoscope tells you how your day will be – workwise, in your free time and your love life.

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It’s good to know you won’t end up in a traffic jam today. Nor tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow. Your traffic app prevents you from that and gives you all the time in the world to get yourself ready in the bathroom.

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Listen to your favourite radio station via the integrated web radio. And your family can too. You can set up up to four user profiles. There is something there for everybody.

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Time & Date

Have you got enough time for a coffee? The clock app will make sure that you don't lose any time.

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Smart Home 1 2

Is the bedroom window closed? Did you turn off the light? Thanks to Leroy Merlin's Smart Home app for the connected house, you can keep an eye on your home.

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RSS Feed

What's in the papers? Is there any new info in your friends' blogs? RSS feeds will keep you constantly updated on what's happening outside your bathroom.

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You've got to brush your teeth for two minutes – the Timer app can be of help to you. And if you need any other timing, you can configure the duration quite simply on the portal.

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YouTube 1

You receive the new trends on YouTube directly and your customised recommendations thanks to the YouTube app. Simply logon with your YouTube account and watch films, listen to music and stream the very latest videos from your favourite YouTubers.

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Deezer 1

Whether top 40 charts or rare classic, listen to your favorite artists. For your perfect start to the day.

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Compatible services

Amazon Alexa

Use the Amazon Echo Input and bring the voice of Alexa to your Smart Mirror. Listen to your favorite music or get important information with a simple voice command.

Bluetooth Audio

Stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone or tablet to the Smart Mirror. Simply pair your device and you're ready to go.